It’s a story of three decades, more than quarter of a century. It’s a tale of a dream realized against all odds. It’s a matter of a commitment which really mattered. It’s an account of an uphill task converted into mere peanuts through a clear vision, narrow focus, sheer dedication, meticulous hard work, consistent belief and constant quest for excellence.

The Company History

Starting in 1982 as a small setup with big dreams, high ideals and honest commitments, Master today, stands as an unprecedented leader in world class wall and floor tiles, sanitary fittings and plastic accessories along with a host of other high quality products.


Launched as company manufacturing and marketing high quality sanitary fittings, with clarity of concepts, the target at that time was to provide a well coordinated complete bathroom to our customers.


Established as the pioneer and market leader in world class sanitary fittings, Master introduced the concept of matching bathroom accessories in technical collaboration of England and Germany.


At a time when the market was flooded with imported wall tiles as the only quality option, as they called it, Master once again took the lead. Based on the world’s top of the line Italian technology, Master launched its range of double fast fired wall tiles. Far superior in quality and aesthetic values than imported ones, Master tiles took the market by storm and instantly gained a major share of the market.


Master tiles were such a tremendous hit in the market, to meet the increasing demands, production capacities had to be tripled in the year 2000. Same year, Master added up world’s best plant and acquired best recipes for in house production of tiles raw materials including frits and colors. These advanced recipes in frits and colors resulted in giving an entire new look to the product appearance, quality and finish. Adding endless possibilities to the imagination of our valued customers, Master introduced a range of decorative tiles including strips, trims, motives, panels and mosaics.
To facilitate the customers in better applications and maximizing their benefit, Master provided its own brand of quality grout and adhesives.

2005: Master Granite Tiles!

Bringing a true revolution in the tile industry, this was the year when Master proudly introduced Granite tiles, which were by their quality standards, second to none in the world. The years that followed witnessed an innovative approach setting new benchmarks in product quality, range spread, availability through a wider network and a bundle of value added services like customer awareness and guidance campaigns, unmatched after sales service and complaint handling.

Diversified Portfolio….

In addition to the above product line developed with a commitment to give complete home to our valued customers, the group has also diversified in other different avenues of business while maintaining the quality which is its hallmark. In the process of diversification, following product lines are being produced
Z & j Hygienic Products (Pvt.) Ltd was established for the manufacturing of Baby Diapers and Feminine Sanitary Napkins. In 1999, the company imported the world’s latest and completely automatic plant from Italy. The baby diapers produced by this plant gained instant popularity among customers due to their high quality and great affordability. Today it is a leading brand in the Baby Diapers market of Pakistan
Master Plastic Pack Limited  This latest technology based plant produces the quality CPP(Cast Polyproperlene) and other films for food packaging, diaper manufacturing and other packaging.
Master Ballpoint Pen Industries (Pvt.) Ltd  The new step in diversification was the writing instruments in which Master Group had planned and strived to attain excellence. Master had inaugurated its latest unit under the banner of Master Ballpoint Pen Industries (PVT) Limited in the field of writing instruments.Our Ballpoint unit is really state-of -art, We have purchased the best machines from Europe and have not left any stone unturned to bring latest technology, this is reason that our plant initially capable to produce 1.5 million writing instruments per day, while future is yet to come