Founder Message


Man-Of2Mr. Sheikh Sb laid the foundation for Master Group of Industries, which has become one of the largest conglomerates of Pakistan today. It was through his futuristic vision and strong business acumen that Master Group created history in the Pakistan’s industry, a legacy that would serve as an inspiration for generations to come.

Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Tufail migrated from Multan in early 1986 to Gujranwala with limited resources but big dreams. He brought with him nothing but indomitable will, burring passion and inexhaustible energy. He had habit of inspiring people around him through his zeal, bonhomie and invincible spirit. He started small and took one step at a time. His accuracy in business decision, timing and thinking ahead were the key factors in his successful business life.

He was patriot who loved the country and people by heart. He wanted the business community to recognize their responsibility towards the community. Today, Master Group is still driven by the values and business ethics defined by him and proud to be the follower of great soul.