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CEO Message

 MESSAGEI feel great pleasure in recognizing that our remarkable success today has been possible due to committed and dedicated efforts of my team, support and patronage extended by the customers. Master Group encountered a multitude of challenges since beginning but thanks to the tireless efforts of all concerned, today we can take pride in the strengths of our group.

I am excited to announce the launch of our new business endeavor Master Cloth & Suiting to provide one of the best fabric ranges in Pakistan. This project is designed keeping in mind the Master Group’s policy of introducing “products that customer can trust”. Our group has made endless efforts to provide products which can compete with international brands while made within Pakistan.

I hope Master Cloth & Suiting will be another success story tagged with the brand Master


Few Words About Our Story

Mr. Sheikh Nasir Iqbal laid the foundation for Master Group of Industries, which has become
one of the largest conglomerates of Pakistan today. Through his futuristic vision and strong
business acumen that Master Group created history in Pakistan’s industry, a legacy that would
inspire generations to come. Master Group has achieved many milestones along the journey. Our
industrial approach is has set standards of quality & the best customer service & won the trust of
customers in every aspect of the business. Not only have we introduced technologies & better
quality products in the Pakistani market, but also we have created tones of employment
opportunities & set higher employment standards. Master Group is thrilled to start yet another
journey. We are stepping into the textile industry with our latest men’s suiting collection. Master
Fabrics is an unstitched men’s luxury suiting brand that aspires to become the most trusted brand
of Pakistan in Men’s Suiting. Our focus at Master Fabrics is to maintain the best quality of
products while keeping an eye on price. Master Fabrics is the first company to introduce antibacterial fabric & our focus is to introduce more sustainable & environment-friendly solutions
while producing fabric. We will continue adding innovative products to our collection.

CEO: Sheikh Nasir Iqbal

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