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Q #1: Would the fabric’s color fade away?

Ans: Specialized yarn & strong dying processes make our colors last for years even after multiple washes with care.

Q #2: What’s the solution for fuzz balls, pilling or lint?

Ans: From yarn selection to fabric’s final finish, each process is executed with multiple factors. These processes & factors ensure

  • Zero Pilling
  • Zero Lint
  • Zero Color Bleeding
  • Zero Shrinkage

Q #3: Would the fabric shrink or color bleed after first contact with water?

Ans: Our yarn quality & elite production processes ensure you don’t experience any shrinkage at any stage while experiencing any fabric from our range. No shrinkage in length or width of the fabric. No color bleeding even after multiple washes for years.

Q #4: How many washes does your fabric last?

Ans: Given fabric is dealt with proper care while wearing, storing & washing, it remains in its original state for years even after multiple washes.

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