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Fabric For Men’s Shalwar Kameez

Men’s Shalwar kameez, an essential item in every man’s wardrobe, has been exuding regal nobility in the subcontinent for ages. It reminds the era of the Mughal Empire and the Nawabs of India. Men’s kurta shalwar holds passionate sentiments that can never be ignored. Among Pakistani men’s clothing brands, Master Fabrics is offering customary shalwar kameez with full zeal and zest. Pakistani textile industry is known globally for producing the best fabrics for gentlemen’s suits. Pakistani men prefer cotton, latha, bosky, and silk for gents’ suits which are suitable according to weather as well as elegant in looks.

Let’s explore various fabrics that are perfect for crafting gents’ suits.

Historical significance of shalwar kameez:

Shalwar kameez has a rich history of cultural significance. It depicts a rich Mughal era and pre-partition subcontinent. It was a dress of nobility presenting a posh look. Nawabs and elite people with taste used to wear shalwar kameez. It has also held a literary touch as people who used to participate in literature discussions used to wear this dress as a symbol of pride and elegance. The kameez shalwar men offer comfort and practicality at the same time and are also suitable in hot regions. Cotton fabric was one of the most popular fabrics for creating gents' shalwar kameez suits, however, men’s wash-and-wear suits are also in trend.

Sp-4 Fog Green Unstitched-Summer'24 Master Fabric Fog Green 100% COTTON LATHA Length-4.50 Meter Width-52 Inches+

Various fabrics for men’s shalwar kameez at master fabrics:


Cotton is a versatile fabric made of natural fiber. This fabric is subtle to make a structured look. The drapey look of cotton fabric makes it a perfect choice for shalwar kameez gents' design. The cotton fabric holds various characteristics that suit best Asian climatic needs and fulfill cultural look. The cotton fabric is breathable and lightweight, making it wearable during hot and humid seasons.

Moreover, cotton fabric is graceful which enhances the overall beauty of attire. Cotton fabric is made through natural fibers which makes it appropriate for sensitive skin. Cotton fabric is soft and gentle on the skin and helps to avoid rashes during the sweating season. Master Fabrics offers the best cotton fabric in Pakistan.


Boski fabric is one of the most luxurious fabrics. Boski fabric is a blend of silk fibers and cotton fabric. Thanks to silk fibers that provide sheen and lustor to the fabric cotton gives real elegance. Boski is celebrated all over the world in different cultures due to its royal allure and richness. Boski is the only fabric that is perfect for all seasons, however, Pakistani men prefer Boski in winter. Boski fabric has its history rooted in Chinese silk discovery which will always be a fairy tale to remember. The richness of this fabric lies in its purity of silk threads and the complicated method through which the fabric is woven. It speaks of craftsmanship and skilled artisans who blend each fiber of silk and cotton into a new fabric. Master Fabric provides a Boski suit unstitched which features a blend of polyviscose fibers that offers new standards of luxury. This fabric offers warmth in winter and embraces you during cool nights of winter. Moreover, this fabric doesn't need to be ironed like other fabrics, it can maintain a neat look without taking special care. Boski fabric is perfect for formal occasions due to its rich properties, however, it can maintain a transition between formal and casual gatherings. This fabric is all-inclusive and can be worn with full confidence.

Egyptian Giza cotton:

The royalty of Giza cotton fabric lies in its roots from where it originated. Giza cotton is also known as one of the finest cotton on Earth. It is extracted through a plant cultivated near the river Nile, Egypt. Egyptian Giza cotton is made of hundred percent pure cotton and is attributed as stronger, longer, and softer among all types of cotton. Master fabrics bring forth Egyptian Giza cotton that is produced on Air Jet looms with extra-long staple fibers and dyed with vibrant hues. Their cotton fabric is durable and strong as it is manufactured according to international standards and using modern technology. The fabric offers comfort and luster for the user along with shrinkage control property. Best for the summer season, whether you try out for a formal gathering or opt for an evening soiree.


The most commonly used cotton in the Pakistani region is Latha. Latha is a lightweight cotton fabric known for its soft texture and breathability. This cotton is suitable for hot and humid regions such as Pakistan. Latha has the most vibrant colors that do not fade with time. Latha cotton by Master Fabrics is pure with long strands and a soft touch. This fabric provides an elegant look without any effort.  

Designing Men’s Shalwar Kameez:

Men’s shalwar kameez design can be styled in various ways such as motifs, embroidery, and various colors. However, the overall shalwar kameez is kept simple and monotone colored to maintain its elegance. Shocking shades are avoided in designing men’s attire soothing colors are preferred for an elegant and sophisticated look. Moreover, the waistcoat is also added to embellish the gents' shalwar kameez. Get premium quality fabric to design men’s suits through men’s shalwar kameez online shopping at Master Fabrics. 


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