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Oud: The Most Long-Lasting Fragrance Of All Times

A well-formed perfume is memorable for a long time. Its fragrance can be felt and cherished for a long time and sometimes forever. The fragrance holds the memories of joys, wonderful experiences, shared moments, and passionate feelings within it. Therefore, a luxurious fragrance with rich notes is an evergreen asset that stays with you for a long time. Some of the fragrances have a mark that is for a lifetime such as Oudh. It is an age-old fragrance and carries tales of traditions, customs, and cultural stories.  The vile of oudh carries antique allure with it which is shared with other men too during congregation and meetings. It is one of those long-lasting perfumes for men that gives a luxurious touch to the personality. 

Master Fabrics produces one of the best perfumes for men in Pakistan. We are well aware of the symphony of notes and the rise and fall of the aroma family that creates an exotic blend of elixir. Our perfumes are a blend of classic allure and modern desires encapsulated in a vile that can be carried along wherever you go. Let’s explore men’s perfume in Pakistan.

Best perfume for men:

It is always tiresome to search for a good fragrance that resonates with your personality and expresses your individuality. Perfumes play an important role in making or breaking your impression. Oudh is one of those oriental fragrances that never gets old. It is always in trend and will stay. It becomes old-fashioned but more gold after ages. 

There are several other oriental fragrances such as musk, oakmoss, and spicy fragrances that are traditional fragrances and have been in use for ages. However, oudh is still considered the best men’s perfume in Pakistan as well as all over the world. The classic allure of oudh will never diminish and it will never go out of style. One of the reasons for preferring oudh is its purity and composition.

Manufacturing of Oudh extract:

Oudh is extracted from a rare incented wood known as Agarwood. Agarwood of different origins has a different odor Agarwood of Indian origin has a different scent from Arabian agarwood. The Persian agarwood has a significantly different scent that makes it unique from other fragrances of the same wood. The oil is extracted from these fragrances and then distilled for purification. This oil is used in aromatherapy or as a base ingredient diluted with alcohol and other floral scents to make new perfumes. 

OASIS OF OUD  Master Fabric

Oasis of Oudh by Master Fabrics:

We crafted a novel fragrance according to the desires and needs of modern-day men. Our perfumery delves into the deep meanings of scents of various spices, herbs, and flowers to create evergreen fragrances. There are many perfumes in the past that have taken men by awe and left an indelible mark in the history of scents. One such perfume is Creed Aventus other one is Dior, and there are many others. However, these perfumes are unapproachable by most Pakistani men due to high prices and unavailability of the product in this region. Our perfumers study various notes of these iconic perfumes and craft a blend of contemporary and traditional perfumes for men in Pakistan. Some of the perfumes hold Western touch whereas Oudh Oasis has an oriental origin and refreshing notes.  

Oudh oasis as the name indicates is a marvelous creation just like a simile of an oasis in the desert. An oasis in the desert provides the shade and coolness of palm trees in host scorching heat. The desert’s vastness and long journey, are supported by the calm breeze of the oasis. The lush green grass in the middle of the desert gives an unforgettable experience. Encapsulated these feelings and aromas in a bottle of perfume Oudh Oasis. Oudh, the fragrance of the Arabian desert diluted with floral and citrusy notes gives a soothing everlasting experience. It is said that nature is amazing where it gives the feel of cold in shadow and hot in sunlight. The contrasting notes of nature captured in the form of perfume are expressed in every note of Oudh Oassis. The top note oudh oasis initiates with refreshing Raspberry Leaf and Cistus Incanus giving the feeling of abundant blessings in the middle of the Sahara desert. As the notes unfurl when applied on the skin, the heart notes are activated liberating the scent of Peony, Jasmine, Patchouli, and Leather; an enchantment of fresh breeze with floral bliss. The settling notes are woody and oriental which truly speaks of masculinity and passion. The base notes are Agarwood, Cypriol, cedar, Tonka Bean, and Musk which lasts forever after settling in. Indeed, the best perfume for men in Pakistan is crafted with this precision and thoughtful mind. 


Perfumes hold a vital importance in every man specifically for those who have sophisticated taste and like to groom themselves. Choosing the best perfume is as essential as choosing a dress for any man.  In Pakistan, long-lasting perfumes are rare and expensive. Our perfumes are cost-effective and are of rare quality. Check men's perfume prices in Pakistan to endorse our claims. Visit our website today! You can not resist the temptation of Oasis of Oudh by Master Fabrics.

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